The Owner: Still Crazy After All These Years

I read. I listen to music. I drink wine. I dance like a fool. That’s probably all you need to know about me. But if you must know more, read on.

Since most of the work I do is related to understanding personality types, I’ll begin by disclosing my own, which is an odd combination of adventuresome and analytical — I enjoy spontaneous interactions with people, but simultaneously and silently analyze for insight. This has made me a natural facilitator, and also may explain my rather twisted career path and diverse avocations. Either that, or I just never out-grew my precarious inner child.

Right after high school I flew from Bakersfield to Bavaria, bumming around central Europe alone, surviving awkward social encounters by speaking B-plus German. After that I was the editor of my college newspaper, back in the days when newspapers were actually printed and read. Since then I’ve jumped between many different pursuits, depending on what was interesting, challenging or available at the time. I have been a computer guru, daily newspaper reporter, editor, multimedia developer, DJ, business consultant, ballet dancer, cowboy, science historian, adjunct professor, facilitator and… next, maybe I’ll try out as a rodeo clown.

I spent 20 years in journalism, my first career passion. Then I made a drastic switch and worked three years for California’s Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team, followed by six years producing interactive media, videos and websites. Then I spent seven years directing the workplace training and business development programs at the Weill Institute of Bakersfield College. After that I tried to retire but failed miserably.

Perhaps as a consequence of having been a long-time journalist, I’m fascinated with the study of human behavior. I had a front row seat to an endless stage of public and private disputes, misunderstandings and confrontations. I felt both inspired and compelled to start a business that’s focused on repairing relationships, beginning with interpersonal communication skills, the foundation of which is understanding personality types. In addition to doing this work, I teach Organizational Leadership at Fresno Pacific University and, I am proud to say, for five years I did training for Apple Inc.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior and Master of Science degree in Training and Performance Improvement. I'm a certified facilitator through the National Curriculum and Training Institute in Real Colors and in Crossroads Cognitive Behavior Change.

When I’m not consulting or training, I can be found either on a dance floor or on any horse that loves to sort cattle — and tolerates the precarious rider.

Truthfully yours, Peter DeArmond, Anno Domini 2021