About Kern Delta Communications

Peter DeArmond is the Fella in Charge at Kern Delta Communications (Hey, wait a minute: I'm writing this; why should I refer to myself in the third person?). Okay, I grew up at the southern end of California's San Joaquin Valley, in a place that, 160 years ago, was the location of the massive Kern River Delta. Today the same area has completely changed, with the river water being diverted through canals for farm irrigation and domestic use by the booming city of Bakersfield. So the company name is inspired, in part, by the place where I grew up, at one time one of the richest ecosystems in America. And yes, part of the name is inspired by the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, delta, which represents change in mathematics. A big part of my business is about facilitating change. Right, enough play on words!

Why I'm doing this: For many years I was a journalist, and from that career I developed a fascination with the process of human communication — or perhaps I should say miscommunication, PeterwithGoldiemisunderstandings and conflict. I felt both inspired and compelled to start a business that is focused on repairing relationships, beginning with interpersonal communication skills, the foundation of which is understanding personality types. Building toward that, I spent six years directing the training and business development programs at the Weill Institute. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Behavior and a Master of Science in Training and Performance Improvement. I'm a certified facilitator in Real Colors from the National Curriculum and Training Institute, and, yes, I love riding horses! There's more scandalous bio information here.

My Clients have included: National Head Start Family Literacy Center, USDA National Resources Conservation Service, Sears Logistics Services, Novell Corp., Central Valley Health Network, Foundation for Medical Care, Arete Services Group, Antelope Valley College, North Orange County Community College District, Bakersfield College, Community Action Partnership, County of Ventura, Employers Training Resource, First Five Tulare County, Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce, Kern Employer Advisory Council, Kern County Hispanic Chamber or Commerce, Oxnard Community College, Santa Barbara County CCS, Senior Serve, Tulare County Department of Human Services, UC Merced Regional Small Business Development Center, United Way of Kern County, Napa Valley College, Klamath Falls Community Corrections.


"The most immutable barrier in nature is between one man’s thoughts and another’s." - William James